Global payments

MontyPay acts as a crossing point between merchants and financial institutions by being an essential access point to the global market. With the merchants’ needs in mind, we strive to deliver a better way to design and optimize the customer experience. We also provide the most simple and secure means of payments. As we consider the merchants our lifetime partners, we make it our responsibility to grow together.

Smart routing and cascading

We allow merchants to route their transactional traffic in any of their integrated providers, based on a multiplicity of factors, including currency, origin of transaction, scheme, 3DS check necessity, issuer, cascading, or simply A/B testing to check the acquirer performance.

Besides, we can help them identify:

  1. Cost-effective routes.
  2. Routes with higher chances of acceptance.
  3. Real time and direct transactions accordingly.

Advanced reporting

  1. Enjoy a clear view of how your customers are paying, using a single area for all payments data, reporting and much more.
  2. Gain insight on the performance of the narrowest part of your sales funnel.
  3. Access your data your way through our rich reporting dashboard with real-time analytics, insights on transactions and smart interface.

Merchant mobile app

Benefit from a seamless app experience and access all your dashboard reporting analytics. The merchant mobile application allows you to:

  1. Track your transactions & monitor your revenue.
  2. Send invoice links
  3. Use the pay by link feature to collect your payments anywhere, anytime.
  4. Request support


Risk and compliance

  1. Easily track all the flagged transactions and double-check whether or not the system misread the cardholder’s behavior.
  2. Leverage AI for fraud and chargeback prevention.
  3. Resolve chargebacks before they hurt your reputation.
  4. Save a fortune in fees and fines for fraud and chargebacks.

  1. Choose from industry-based risk profiles then customize by adding or creating risk rules and block lists.
  2. Enrich these profiles with additional identifier database, and set notifications and review queues.

  1. Range of powerful built-in risk tools including 3D Secure authentication.
  2. Real-time machine learning.
  3. Ability to run your own risk experiments.

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