QR Pay : A real asset for your online and offline Business

Everywhere you look, you see QR codes. At restaurants, airports, on product packagings, and many more. But have you ever wondered what does “QR” in QR codes stand for? Well, not so surprisingly, it means “quick response”, which makes complete sense! A quick scan is all it takes to collect the information and execute a command. However, the main question is how QR codes can be an asset for your business.

With their countless benefits, QR codes can bring significant changes especially when you are a business owner. Not only do they make things easier for you and your customers but also increase the potential for revenue. With MontyPay, merchants can make the most out of our own feature called “QR Pay” to boost their business and streamline their payments collection.

In fact, whether you own an online or offline business, you can incorporate MontyPay payment gateway to benefit from the merchant mobile app that gives you direct access to the QR Pay feature. The latter is highly convenient for e-businesses, as merchants can easily generate a QR code from the mobile app and collect payments by sharing it with their customers through online invoices or any form of chat, hence bridging all gaps and allowing businesses to expand their reach to a broader client base.

When it comes to offline businesses, such as restaurants, coffeeshops or any type of brick-and mortar business, the QR Pay can be printed and placed physically at the shop, allowing customers to scan it on the spot, enter their payment info and that’s it… Payment collected.

In a nutshell, a QR code payment is a great alternative to a contactless payment at any point of sale and even for e-commerce. And always keep in mind: The easier it gets the more likely people are going to use it!