MontyPay provides an End-to-End Payment Solution for Merchants

ISO Partnership Model

MontyPay welcomes partnerships with Acquirers, PSPs, Wallets, and other payment providers to seamlessly integrate their payment connections within the countries they cover. In this model, MontyPay acts as a trusted intermediary between the connectors and merchants. Our platform is already trusted by over 15 global partners, including renowned names such as Stripe, Paypal, and Flutterwave.

API Orchestration

Acquirers, PSPs, Wallets, and other payment providers can establish partnerships with MontyPay to access our robust payment orchestration via a single API. Partners gain direct entry to our expansive network spanning over 50 countries across different regions, enabling rapid global expansion and access to diverse payment methods through a unified integration.

Strategic Co-partnership Initiative

MontyPay offers a co-partnership model tailored for Acquirers and PSPs seeking strategic collaborations. Partners contribute their licenses and back-office operations, while MontyPay provides technical expertise, sales, and marketing investments.

Through this synergy, MontyPay delivers cutting-edge payment solutions, leveraging the licensed partner's capabilities to offer leading payment services in the market.
This option provides partners with the opportunity to penetrate the market faster and to be part of a global payment provider, thereby increasing their sales.

Referral Reseller Program

Entrepreneurs, freelancers, agencies, and businesses of varied sizes have an opportunity to collaborate with MontyPay by referring merchants to our platform. By participating in our referral program, you become a vital part of our network, referring merchants to leverage our suite of payment solutions. As a reseller, you'll receive a share of the profits, making it a mutually beneficial partnership. This model enables you to monetize your connections and networks while empowering merchants with our cutting-edge payment services.

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