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We believe that strategic partnerships are a chance for both sides to grow their business, leading to a collective increase in revenue.

We pride ourselves in our ability to build strategic relationships with our partners, to better understand the merchants’ needs, industry insights, and to give transparency to their payment layers. Therefore, becoming the best partner they ever had.

Referral Model

24×7 support from a dedicated Account Manager

Offer your customers top-notch products and services

Receive valuable training from MontyPay’s expert tech team

Get paid for your referrals upon closing a deal


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    Frequently asked questions

    MontyPay Reseller Program is a partnership where you introduce MontyPay services to potential clients and get remunerated on every successful referral.

    Any company or an individual that is able and willing to assist MontyPay in introducing, marketing, promoting, reselling, distributing, and pitching its services to potential Customers.

    Upon every successful referral, MontyPay will assign it to your account, and you will receive a periodic report showing the profit gained from this referral.

    Yes, you can. A merchant can also be a reseller upon referring any new other merchant.

    Yes, any acquirer or PSP can submit a request to become a strategic partner to MontyPay.

    Yes, relationships between us and PSP/Acquirers can work both ways. Access can be given to partners in all the countries that we cover and vice versa.

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