MontyPay shakes hands with PayU for a new partnership

MontyPay, a global payment gateway, part of Monty Finance, is delighted to announce its new partnership with PayU, an advanced e-commerce payment solutions provider. In fact, PayU is one of the world’s top global fintech investors and a leading provider of consumer credit solutions in emerging markets with over USD 1 billion in investments to date.

When great minds unite

By providing access to the worldwide market, MontyPay serves as a bridge between businesses and financial institutions. In fact, this global payment gateway enables various payment methods and international currencies, thus empowering multinational enterprises. Needless to say, MontyPay’s team strives to offer a better approach enhancing the consumer experience while keeping the needs of the merchant in mind.

On the other hand, PayU offers a wide range of payment and consumer credit solutions aiming at increasing financial access across the globe. Their objective is to create a world without financial borders, where everyone can prosper. PayU also provides businesses and consumers in emerging markets with the financial services and products they need to thrive

The outcome of joining forces

The MontyPay team visited PayU’s headquarters in Amsterdam to discuss future expansions into new countries, and the future looks bright indeed! To begin with, operations will be launched in Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore, with more to come.

By delivering exceptional features like online and mobile check-outs, pay-by-link and QR code options, and recurring bill settlements, to name a few, MontyPay's global payment gateway improves the user experience while addressing pain points for both merchants and their customers.

A collaboration with PayU is the ultimate way to leverage our cutting-edge solutions and empower us to be able to assist companies all over the world, from large international merchants to small family businesses. Together, we aim to extend credit in some of the world’s most dynamic up-and-coming markets to help merchants around the world buy, sell, and operate online.

To put this into perspective, the purpose behind this initiative is to drive financial and digital inclusion and generate new growth opportunities.