MontyPay announces its partnership with Ecomz

MontyPay is delighted to announce its new partnership with Ecomz, an expert e-commerce platform developer.

Ecomz is designed to create, manage, and grow online businesses, and sets them on the right track helping them reach their goals. It also seeks to create an online presence for all types of businesses and drive customer engagement by offering a compelling shopping experience.

Enabling global e-commerce growth!

Both MontyPay and Ecomz focus on providing businesses with an end-to-end solution to help them build their online stores and collect their online payments. By capitalizing on built-in features and power tools, they enable businesses to efficiently manage their shops and optimize their performance.

MontyPay plans to grow with Ecomz and overcome together the industry’s challenges. Because e-commerce is not only about building beautiful websites, the real success of an online business also lies in learning how to sell; this is exactly the reason behind this initiative that aims to equip merchants with the best ways to trade and transact online. Ultimately, we want to empower vendors to better understand how e-commerce works and how to make the best out of it.