Online and mobile checkout

All the tools you need for Online Payments. Start Accepting them today.

We offer you the opportunity to process all online payments in a seamless way with one single platform. A simple E-Commerce API plug-in, as well as a Mobile SDK, will help your start accepting payments immediately through your website or store application, gaining access to all major online payment methods. We help make your customers’ payment journey easy and fast, converting more shoppers from all over the world and boosting revenues.

Recurring bills

Schedule all your recurring and ongoing payments in one place.

Automate all your batch payments and recurring bills with complete control through a reliable and advanced platform.

There are two possible ways of setting this up:

Direct Debit Facilities

  1. Collect regular card payments from customers at scheduled times.
  2. Payment Terms are set only once.

Batch Payments

  1. Batch payments to bundle multiple payments to suppliers into one payment transaction.
  2. Batch upload or auto send via API.
    Easy set-up of Merchant Account.
  3. Setting-up of all payments at once.


Offer your customers easy payments

Create a win-win situation between the merchant and customers. By giving customers the option to pay through several installments, merchants will be allowing them to spread the cost of their purchases with a convenient payment plan according to their schedule.

Flexible payments

Offer flexible payments to your customers and build customer loyalty & trust.

Fast and easy

Fast & easy checkout process with a 100% purchase value collection.


Customers can convert purchases into installments without the need to go through a bank.


A Borderless Payment Method for your business

With MontyPay, you will be able to accept a range of cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum or others for deposits. You will get paid directly to your bank account in any of these currencies: €, $, £, ¥, CHF, C$, A$ or ฿.

€ $ £ ¥ CHF C$ A$ ฿

mPOS (Coming Soon)

Accept transactions on the go with our mPOS!

mPOS technology streamlines payments with a simple integration into any Point of Sale (POS) system or Android Based Electronic Cash Register, supported with SDK’s.

Payments made follow compliance and strict authentication protocols.

With full onboarding and back operating functionality, you can process refunds, cancelations and issue transactions receipts, via email QR code and SMS.

SoftPOS (Coming Soon)

A borderless payment method for your business

SoftPOS allows merchants to turn any NFC-enabled Android mobile device into a payment acceptance device.

With this technology, you will be able to simply tap a customer’s card on your mobile device, directly initiating the payment.

The same merchant facility can be used for your online website transactions and your SoftPOS payments, with all transactions being viewed in our real-time reports.

You only need to follow 4 easy steps:


Enter the transaction amount


Tap the customer's card to the back of your device


Transaction Approved


Receipts sent by Email or SMS receipts

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