Every registered business can be enrolled by MontyPay to accept payments through different channels such as websites, pay by link, mobile apps. Some businesses might be rejected due to their nature of activity or following negative compliance and risk checking.

Yes, MontyPay platform is PCI DSS compliant.

No, you can still accept payments because MontyPay platform is PCI compliant, and all transactions data processed through its platform will be protected under our secure network.

The Acceptable Use Policy includes activities and products that MontyPay prohibits because they seem to be illegal or inappropriate with the usage of its services. If for any reason, MontyPay found a reasonable suspect about violating its Customer Acceptance Policy, MontyPay may take corrective action deemed appropriate including but not limited to terminating accounts. To learn more about MontyPay Customer Acceptance Policy Click here.

You may choose to send a request through the Contact Us section of the website or email us at and our representatives will contact you for details.


Once all the documents submitted are complete, we will review the merchant file and compare it with our internal policies then we will share the documentation with the acquiring bank. This action will take approximately 48 hours.

The application usually takes around 10-15 working days in cases where all required documents and information were fully submitted.
In some exceptional cases, application might take longer if it needs additional risk and compliance review.

A dashboard is a real time screen that gives you a comprehensive summary of business performance KPIs.

Yes, MontyPay services supports shopping cart or Ecommerce platform like Magento, WordPress, Prestashop and more.

No, clients will always be redirected to the MontyPay page only.

Yes, you may check MontyPay website under the Developer section/Integration Document.

Yes, we do offer the Pay by Link service.

MontyPay’s payment integration is designed to cater to all programming languages, and sample codes can be offered to merchants with all languages.

Yes, MontyPay provides Mobile SDK, Android and IOs.

Yes, MontyPay provides Tokenization Services.

Yes, technical integration can start in parallel with the application review.

Refunds & Settlements

Settlement period will be set depending on the acquirer bank.

MontyPay covers several countries, thus, the settlement period differs from one country to the other . Each merchant will have his settlement period mentioned in his initial proposal.

Refunds are expected to be completed within 7 to 15 working days or more depending on the Issuer/Acquirer bank responsiveness.

You can always contact for any assistance.

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